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How to Style a Short Messy Bob Hairstyle in Hot Summer

How to Style a Short Messy Bob Hairstyle in Hot Summer

Summary : Messy bob is one of the most popular looks in hot summer making girls chic, leisure and sexy! Although this style has a fairly simple steps (listed below) but it is still a great day to day look.   Here is how to style a short messy bob : Smooth Firstly use your […]

How to Color Hair to Pastel Pink for Summer

In this tutorial I will work with Tinashe hair, the bundles are full from root to tip, literally from the beginning to the end it’s soft, for blonde hair it isn’t a little more rough. I can just keep running fingers through it like keep on running.Now let’s just get straight into the coloring process, it’s gonna be […]

How To Apply Your Frontal in Less Than 10 Minutes

I’ve seen lots of people slaying their frontal, they always make a very natural hairline but it also take a lot of times. But practice makes perfect, so i just want to share my experience of how i apply my frontal very fast. Hope that would help someone. After I’ve done the wig, I’ll just put […]

How to do a sleek ponytail on natural hair with no heat

Firstly, add some leave-in conditioner and apply some eco styler gel liberally. If your hair is easy to manage you can stop here but if your hair is stubborn and never get straight, use ultra-glued styling gel which is a maximum strength gel to get a sticky formation, then napkin off the excess product. And then take two really good rubber bands without any metal on them to make sure they’re […]


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