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How to Make The Lace Frontal in Wig

Abstract: If you want a lace frontal (size 13×4-13×8), you’re going to have to accept that it will usually cost you much MORE than bundle of hair, it will require LOTS of tweaking to look the slightest bit natural (bleaching, twee-zing, tinting, trimming, etc.), and it will require WEEKLY maintenance/upkeep.A closure will lay down without some sort of […]

How To Spot Fake Virgin Hair Extensions

There are so many customers who end up buying fake virgin hair extensions,just because of lacking of knowledge.Do you remember how many times that you have been burnt by a hair extensions vendors who make sure that they offer virgin hair,but in fact,they sell the fake virgin hair.Do not make the same mistake again,now i […]

How long usually do Human Hair Extensions Last

More and more people use human hair extensions instead of synthetic items these years. Earlier, only celebrities and rich people used to wearing hair weave or wigs to get a amazing look. But today lots of ladies have started try different texture hair extensions or wigs. With the improvement of living standard, people can afford […]

Tutorial On Install Your Own Hair Extensions/ Weave

I do my hair by my own which is very easy for me. I don’t need to worry about pay for stylist which could be very expensive if you do your hair often. So this tutorial will show you how to install your own hair extensions, that’s could save a lot of money for you. I like to try different […]


Hey guys if you wanna see how I slayed this lace frontal wig so that it looks super natural, you guys have to stay tuned. So the hair I’m wearing is from Tinashe Hair company, they were nice enough to send me goodies like flexi rods, beauty blenders and eyelashes. The hair they sent to […]

Why does some hair style make us Look older?

As time goes by, our hair is going gray . However, our hair may make us look older than our phisial age when we can not find the style sutible us. Mistake #1: we have an all-one-length cut. Without layers, our hair won’t have that fluency and smooth , youthful quality that stylists call “movement.” Long […]

What is the best versatile hair for you?

   What is the best versatile hair for you?                                      —– choose the perfect hairstyle for yourself Abstract: Today I will talk about the difference between full lace wig, lace frontal wig, u parts, sew in, clip in extensions depending on what the hairstyles is or what hair suits your guys best. It’s always the best to […]

Take Care of Your Hair Under the Weave

While the hair weave cost a lot of attention from you, don’t forget your hair also need protect at the same time, you can’t ignore your own hair while wearing weave. it will ensure that your new growth is healthy and lush after the weave is removed. So when wearing extensions, please also remember to take care for your own hair. Here […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Virgin Hair While You Sleep

We always try to find the healthier virgin human hair ,but we all know that our hair will be easy to be damaged while sleeping. Here are some tips that may help you protect your hair when you sleep. Brush your virgin human hair before go to bed which will avoid the knots and tangle […]

How To DIY A Sew In Your Weave

Hi girls, have you ever bought some hair weave sometimes? So do you sew in your weave by your stylist or yourself? Maybe some are do a DIY sew in your weave, if u don’t know how to do it yourself, keep reading, here are some steps on how to sew in your weave. Prepare […]


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