Dye Virgin Hair to Color T1b/Burgandy

Hey, girls, today I am going to show you guys how I go from black to burgundy with my virgin hair in just a few simple steps .

I am using hair from Tinashe Hair as always. I am using their Brazilian Natural wave. And I got 3 bundles as well as a closure. My order consisted with a 16 inch closure as well as an 18 22 22 bundles. Keep in mind, my closure is a body wave closure. So it had a little different texture from the natural wave bundles.

We are just going to grab a few quick simple items. I got the Adore Color in the colors Magenta as well as fiesta fuchsia ,some Bw2 powder. 40 Volume developer ,some disposable gloves, a tint bowl and brush , as well as a large trash bag to protect my surface from the color. I am going to go ahead and mix my BW2 power .

If u are a beginner at lightening and coloring hair, I highly suggest that u follow the directions on the bottle. I prefer a more creamy consistency when it comes to my lightener. I am pretty much just eyeball the measurements. I had about 4 scoops of the BW2 Powder and an equal amount of the developer.I have just grabbed my bundles and put them on these little hangers to help the application to process out and make it a little organized .

and I am just going to apply the lightener to the ends first and work my way to the middle, followed by roots. This is going to give me a very nice ombre effect. It is going to make hair look a little bit more natural. Our hair naturally lightens to the ends and are pretty dark to the roots. If u want to go for more of a subtle form color , having dark roots is a very great way of achieving it. You do not have to worry about your eyebrow being too harsh against the color. So I went for a dark roots. Here u can see that I went ahead and did the ends and the mids.

Now I am going to up and down to create a more blender look. I won’t have to o many harsh lines and it’ll looks very nice and subtle .Repeat this thought to all your bundles as well as your closure. Be sure not to get the bleach on lace. If u don’t plan on bleaching your closure . But I went ahead and bleach the lace on my closure as well as hair itself. Here it is what it ended up looking like.

I left it on for about 45 mins and grab my two longest bundles which are my two 22 inch bundles. This is what I am going to start adding the color on , my longest bundles. I am going to for more cranberry effect when it comes to the color of red that I like. So I am going half and half with the color . I used about 60 ml the fiesta fuchsia as well as 60ml of the Magenta. anytime I needed to mix more of the color if I needed more of the color , I made sure that it was nice and equal parts. I mixed the two colors together before I applied it to the hair. Now you are pretty much just going to apply this to the hair . You don’t have to be super neat with this as long u get color on. Make sure that all of the blond pcs are heavily coated.

You don’t want to go through this entire process , rinse out the hair, have it air dry and when it’s time to style you , realize that u have a lot of holidays as they used to call it. In our beauty school, or any bright blond spots that u ended up missing. so make sure that you heavily apply this color and make sure that every strand is covered. when it came down to the closure, I laid down some aluminum foil to protect the lace . I did not want the lace to have a red tint to it. I wanted it to have nice flesh tone, so I just want ahead and put down that aluminum foil to hold down the lace . and I went in carefully throughout each strand to make sure that it was heavily coated with the hair dye without getting the lace caught .so all of our bundles as well as our closure is cleady colored. Everything looks great.

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