How do I make my first wig?

One natural wig can make you feel more comfortable and more confident,I never done a wig for myself, but I decided to conquer the lace frontal wig and make one for myself,The main point of lace front wigs is the wig look like it is growing from your scalp and to allow for you to part the hair.  If you are wondering how can i make my first wig, i can give you some easy quick tips to help you along the way.

In order to let you get more comfortable with your own wig, you need to find your own way make your wig look more natural. There are some general tips I following that I want to share with anyone who is trying to learn how to make your wig look natural.First you need to pute wig on your head with the lace and everything and them measure it from the front of the wig begins and then where you want to place the wig. During the first step you want to figure out where you want to place your wig, which should be near your natural hairline.then you need to do is try to place your wig on a mannequin or you can do it directly on your head as well.The main thing about lace front wigs is that often times the hair line looks very square.  If you look at your natural hair line, you more than likely have baby hair around your edges and you have shorter hairs in the front and it fades into your longer hair.  So to make your wig look more natural, baby hairs are the things you want to re-create on the can combine a small part of your own hair or edges then putting on the wigs.blend the edges and the wigs, It will looks more natural.

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