What is the best versatile hair for you?

   What is the best versatile hair for you?

                                     —– choose the perfect hairstyle for yourself


Today I will talk about the difference between full lace wig, lace frontal wig, u parts, sew in, clip in extensions depending on what the hairstyles is or what hair suits your guys best. It’s always the best to know that what hair accessory you going to buy and the longevity of it is as well as how was suit your everyday daily life and when I say the hair accessory that is refer to any type for the hair that we are going to add on our own hair.


Keywards: Full wig, lace frontal wig, u part wig


About the full lace wig  actually is a full wig which is the most common wig on the market they also are considered to be the most protective hairstyle wig and more comfortable wig on the market as well. Wearing the full lace wig should be give the opportunity to put it on the daily and you can wear this within 10mins after styling it, you are protect Marjory of all your hair because it is underneath the wig cap. The longevity of the full wig can goes six month all one year even longer depending on how you maintain your units, have a longer lifespan compared to weaves or clip hair extensions are the most realistic we are in full lace wig as well as the styling options are endless with them.

A lace frontal wig that actually are the same thing with the full lace wig. However about the full lace wig you can put can part the hair anywhere throughout entire your whole head, that is called free part. With the lace frontal wig you only can part the portion of the wig which normally is in the frontal area and it can be anywhere four or six inches of parting space. However it does goes with the same with the full lace wig these can last anywhere for six months to a year even longer.



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