Why we have the Split Ends

I am sure that all of us do not want our hair looks have the split ends which is a sign that our hair is not so good.It is donot have the enough nutritions,which lead the hair become fragile and dry.

Maybe we will do some sth bad things which may cause that happen.

Using the heating and dying tools

Chemical treatment,such as perming,dying,bleaching and so on

Improper ways for detangling hair

Rough towel drying

Lacking of the regular trim

If we do not know how to avoid the split ends,then do u know to do get rid of it?I am sure that all of us do not have the split ends and if we have that,then we have to cut it,if we do not cut it,then it will looks more frizzy,dry,and maybe we can not deal with it at last.But if we can take care of the hair which can avoid the split end if so,our hair will looks healthy,strong,shinny,and split-ends free.

How to avoid the split ends?

The best way is use some oil to make the deep condition,if ur hair full of nutrition,then it will not easy be have problem,here are some tios can minimize them as much as possible.

Keep the hair fuilled with  nourished and moisturized

After using hot and stylying tools,use some oil to make the deep condition

Use good hair production and mild shampoo and make the deep condition
Towel dry ur hair gently,do not twist or wring it roughtly

Detangling ur hair gently and carefully

Trim ur hair regularly
The healthy hair need the proper matainence
Lastly, healthy and nice hair depends on how you maintain it.
Love your body, love your hair, and it will love you back

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