Malaysian Hair Deep Wave Virgin Hair Bundles With Frontal | Tinashe Hair Review

Taneka is one of our regular customer, she also runs an YouTube Channel,So this would be how her personal experience and her thought about our hair. She is also the second winner of our last photo contest.

The hair she had is Malaysian deep wave with frontal 3 bundles 20” 22” 24” with 18” frontal.

Hey, you guys. So of course, have to come back and give you guys a review on this hair. This is my initial deep wave curly tonight she reviews. If you want hear how I like the hair, if you want to hear about the deets on there, stay true. I created universal. This is an 18-inch frontal with 20 22 24 inch bundles. And this is the deep curl, deep wave, curly hair. Um, and I believe this is Malaysian. I’ve never had Malaysia before. You should do Brazilian comedians with you. I really notice the difference between here. I’m not here especially. So, I’ll be known about all that other good stuff.

Um, so I really don’t can’t tell you like if there’s a difference between the Malaysian and the Brazilian, sorry, now price point, the total price for this hair was two o two, two hundred and two dollars. However, I won a 50-dollar gift card from tonight. She was like a photo contest or something. And I ended up winning third place, which hey, we celebrate all winds around here because I got to take fifty dollars off of my bundles will offer mine. Total transaction will say that. So, I paid, um, but roughly about a hundred and fifty dollars think because I feel like I had another discount code or something, but I’m not too sure. So next is shipping. Shipping literally took three days, not even four days, three days. I ordered it on Thursday morning. It came on a Monday afternoon.

Don’t worry, shelling. I did cut my waves at the very top. Of course, you’re gone culture was at the time I mean unless you know how to do the football amid the united with flat. I couldn’t at the time I flip on at the bottom or whatever to that. So, um, I did end up getting like the fallout, but I’m quite and when I say quite I’m quite sure that it came from um, e cutting the webs at the top. And the hair was just kind, you know, coming out or whatever.

Um, also the only time that the hair was coming out was when I was watching it. So, this had known for a fact that the hair was coming out because I could the waves, now the texture on the frontal actually is pretty cool. It does match this because I know when I had to lose the way we did match it isn’t that clearly if the root with this kind of expected most frontal that now there are some companies where the frontal will um, like totally b perfect and measure the bundles and his curly at the roots and everything else.

This head was like that. IT’s okay. IT’s not the big of a deal. As long as I can blame the ends. This automata to me because I know how to you know work that to make IT look cute on me. Tang ling, the hair is extremely soft, this hair is extremely light for it to be this much hair, it is not heavy like whatsoever is not heavy. And I really, really appreciate that because I was oh crap. Why the orders here is what we had is if we’re in Miami, I need this heavy had long hair and when it came because I already ordered it when it came, I was like, yeah, this is perfect because it’s really like bluff.

You know what I mean? And again, this is my initial review. The reason I’m saying that is because a lot of people when how long did you compare how they all know how much of it? How did it but did I was like crap, I should have let everybody know that this was my initial review so that they wouldn’t think like oh, I’ve had this hair in for a certain number of time and now making a review to that. This is my second day. We’re in this here. So, I’m only at this hearing for two days. This is my initial review. I will be back with another review because I’m you know I’m learning as I go learning what you guys would like to see or you know how you want me to keep up with certain things. So, I’m learning along the way. If they’re are recovered shipping. We covered price point. We covered the texture. We covered the lengths, we covered the price.

I think it’s a price point already. Love the legs are really love the lace only thing is this time I put a different powder on my legs kind input pattern malicious lobby a girl with a glue head like campus leg grow the power to empower the powder did not highlighted it, though. Don’t pay attention. It can feel like the last say something. I’ll be like, I see don’t do that. Don’t be like that does not cute. Oh, and couldn’t going off the comments that I received on my first review, this here is a hundred percent drive. Right now. It is not wet whatsoever.

Um hundred percent drop. Uh, so you see that I’m not really getting any phrase. I’m not really getting any issues. It does not tangle in the back. It has not really shared it on me. But then again, I did say this initial review. I’ve only had it for two days. If there are any other questions that you guys have on this hair, um definitely leave them down in the comments section. I do respond and I do see all of my comments. I’m a small used to wear. So, every comment that I get I see I don’t have like a thousand companies coming in at one time. You know what I mean? So, if you have any questions or concerns or if you wear this hair purchases here yourself and you would like to leave your review down in the uh not description, but in the comments.

Do that also if it’s a good review if it’s a bad review, it always helps to have other reviews on this hair. And I’ve seen so many girls with the loose wave things like we all kind of did the same texture at the same time. But I did not see really any reviews for the deep wave slash curly we tried something new I like it. I like I looks on me I’m starting with like a curly or looks on. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. I hope that you guys really, really liked this video.

Ok. This is I am done. See, you guys think so.


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