How to wearing wigs with glue and gluesless method

When I discovered Lace wigs. Just like a log had been pulled from my eyes, and now i’m able to whip my hair back or forth a la Willow. But with all of the benefit of it, there is also a downside.

Recently I have cut off my ends and I don’t want ripping off my hard earned edges every time

So I want to change the wig. We have many different options when it comes to wigs, even thought glue is a good choice, I have a few other suggestions for us to try.

Tape or Glue Method for Full Lace Wigs

This is the most famous way of wearing a lace full wig, and the most annoying thing is that unless you don’t mind looking like Nicki Minaj, then you’ll need a pretty forehead to protect your edges. To ensure your edges are not affected, you’ll need to place the lace in font of your hairline. Never have I been so satisfying with my hammer-forehead.

What you’ll need: a hairdryer or hood dryer, Lace adhesive, a steady hand and a headscarf.

Before the lace application, you can prepare the front of your hairline, Cornrow your hair backwards, and wear a cap. Cut the extra lace out of the wig.

Make sure your forehead is clean and free from foil. Try the wig on and fit it to your full head, playing around with your hairstyle untill you’re satisfied. Plucking your hairline and make some baby hairs if you want, so the lace is naturally positioned in front of your hairline.

Place a thin strip of lace adhesive in front of your hairline, making sure you don’t touch your baby hairs. Blow dry the area for about 5 minutes or sit under the drying hood to make the area tacky.

place your lace wig on to the strip of adhesive but don’t  press down. This may cause the glue to bleed through the lace, which looks like a mass.

Tie your hair with a headscarf and you can either sit under a dryer for about 10 minutes or point a hand dryer over the area for the same amount of time.

Style the hair as you wanted! If unfortunately your glue line that is lighter than your skin tone, you can just wipe it off with some adhesive remover.

If you want to use tape, it would be exact same method but you have to position the tape strategically so the edges of your wig are attached securely.

Blending Method – Full Lace Wigs & Half Head Wigs

In my opinion, this is the best way to wearing a wig. I have one wig which is a half head wig. I have my natural hair out and it blends in the wig quite well. I’ve also done this with a full head wigs but it’s not possible for the size of my forehead. a half wig may be for you If you have a smaller head. This might be trickier if your hair is relaxed but textures such as ‘kinky straight  would go well with relaxed hair. The golden rule for wigs is keep trying! Application of this wig is similar with using glue

This is popularly known as the ‘Tootsie’s Mom Method’. It involves attaching an elastic band to your wig. It’s very easy and when you done it properly, the wig lays flat on your forehead almost like your natural hairline.

What kind of method did you use ladies? let me know how it goes if you try any of these!

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