How To Spot Fake Virgin Hair Extensions

There are so many customers who end up buying fake virgin hair extensions,just because of lacking of knowledge.Do you remember how many times that you have been burnt by a hair extensions vendors who make sure that they offer virgin hair,but in fact,they sell the fake virgin hair.Do not make the same mistake again,now i have some tips which can help you find out how u can identify the hair bundles

Check for Chemical Residues

You can sense to make sure if it is the fake virgin hair extensions from the real virgin hair.Usually u can see that the real virgin hair keep its natural state,which will do not have the chemical processing at all.So if u see there have the signs of perming,bleaching or coloring,please be think twice before buy it

Check the Cuticles

The real virgin hair should keep its hair cuticles,Natural virgin hair should have preserved its hair cuticles. So if the cuticles have been damaged,then it must be the fake virgin hair.

Lack of Uniformity

When you see the hair is properly uniformed,u should be careful,natural should be a cause for concern because chemical processing must have been done to get it

Now i am sure you must be know how to distinguish the real and the fake virgin hair,if so,there is no reason to be cheat by the fake hair

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