How to Color Hair to Pastel Pink for Summer

In this tutorial I will work with Tinashe hair, the bundles are full from root to tip, literally from the beginning to the end it’s soft, for blonde hair it isn’t a little more rough. I can just keep running fingers through it like keep on running.Now let’s just get straight into the coloring process, it’s gonna be really fast and simple, it’s not hard at all.

So the first thing I did was to start coloring the hair and then what I did first is that I sprayed the hair with a water bottle because I felt like the water would give a barrier between the color and the hair if you don’t want the hair to end up like very hot pink or deep pink and just to get the pastel color. I mixed some cheap conditioner with arctic foxes which was called virgin pink. I mixed the virgin pink with the conditioner and then I try to just apply it all over the bundles, then let it sit not for a long period of time like a half an hour.

After apply the color to the bundle I just like to use a comb to rake the color through and take out the excess conditioner. I didn’t want to waste it so I would reuse the conditioner that came off on the comb, I did that with all the bundles and it came out looking like this which is really cute.

Next what I did was I toned the frontal with the well a t18 toner and the front ended up being like really grey and it processed really fast that I really like this hair. It takes to color and everything really well. Basically when I over toned the frontal I use the clarifying shampoo to try to strip it a little bit, it did help a little bit and then after that I just applied the same mixture with the version pink arctic fox dye with the conditioner and just mix it together and put it on the frontal, this is what we got and that’s why it looks a little more purple is because the pink mixed with that like gray hue and it created kind of a pastel purple and this is what we got the bundles.

I have a 22”, a 20”, a 18” and a 16” frontal and I’ve never ran into any issues like tangles with this hair and that had me so shook because usually coloring hair will make the hair a little bit tangled or dry. I am amazed with this hair, it curled so nicely. I hope I’m not forgetting anything in this tutorial, so just enjoy and act now to get this cute hair!

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