How To Apply Your Frontal in Less Than 10 Minutes

I’ve seen lots of people slaying their frontal, they always make a very natural hairline but it also take a lot of times. But practice makes perfect, so i just want to share my experience of how i apply my frontal very fast. Hope that would help someone.

After I’ve done the wig, I’ll just put it in my hair. And first glue down the middle part of the wig with got2b glue. It’s hasn’t put down completely yet.

And then I’m just go head and take both of the wig corners and pin them up to get the hair up way. After that. I’m simply going to put down the first corner, match is to where i want it to be. After that I’m gonna go in with my pump it up goal spritz, using your finger to lay it down, spraying it down the hairline. Hold the corner and don’t let it go, In the mean time you can use the bottom side of your hairbrush to lay the lace in the actual sprays. After you done that. Using the blow dryer to dry the sprays and make the lace stay where it is. I don’t want my finger to get stuck so i always use the bottom side of the hair brush to press the lace and blow dry it. And then the same way goes for the other side. After that I’m gonna go ahead and tie it up, so i can styling my hair. So as far as styling I’m not doing anything except for straightening out the frontal because i have rinsed it out, after bleaching it, it would be a little puffy, so that’s all I’m gonna do.

This is such a convenient way to lay your frontal when you don’t have the patient or on a rush to do something. So this is very convenient for me because i like to switch my hair up so much. Nice and quick, straight to the point, gets it then lay it down and you are out of the door.

So here is the way how i lay my frontal, Tell me how you think about this method and how’s your result in the comment section.

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