How to do a sleek ponytail on natural hair with no heat

Firstly, add some leave-in conditioner and apply some eco styler gel liberally. If your hair is easy to manage you can stop here but if your hair is stubborn and never get straight, use ultra-glued styling gel which is a maximum strength gel to get a sticky formation, then napkin off the excess product.

And then take two really good rubber bands without any metal on them to make sure they’re not going to pull your hair out and to secure your natural hair into a nice little high braids and then you can add some more gel revise it, remember do this as many times as possible until all the sides of your hair are nice and smooth.

Next step is to slick down baby hairs with some more glue gel and apply some oil spray to dry your hair out, now you double set your hair in right place.

Finally take one piece of the weaving, I recommended Celie hair, to wrap it around the natural hair braids and hide the ends of that swoop you are tucking in, and pat little hair pieces as well. Also, you can spray a little bit of holding spray to make hair do not come straight.

If it come out an actual wavy texture you can run flat iron to straighten hair to get a silky straight hair look. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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