How to wash Brazilian hair weave

All virgin human hair weave bundles, same as the real hair growing on the human head, are need wash usually. Brazilian hair bundles are expensive in most, if not wash and care hair bundles, will easy to tangle and shedding, this will wasting our money. We need take care our Brazilian hair weave and wash […]

Easily transform blonde tinashe hair to grey

How Easily You Can Transform Blonde Tinashe Hair to Grey

Today see me how to transform my Tinashe 613 blonde straight hair into ocean blue & grey sew in with frontal. A way you can change black girl weaves color easily Firstly, I made a wig using my 613 best hair bundles straight Brazilian weave and straight hair frontal into a really pretty human hair […]

How to Braid Straight Human Hair into Afro Hair Style

With a huge of at-home DIY treatments available, changing the style of our hair weave is as easy in our beauty routine as painting our nails. We today start a tutorial about how to perm straight hair weave bundles installed into afro hair style with braiding way to light up your summer. Here we come. […]

How to wrap your wig and Keep it straight overnight

A lot of people have been asked us of how to take care your wig while sleep at night, so the hair will not be a mess an frizzy the next day. So here is my advice on how to take care of your wig or hair and keep it straight overnight.

How to do a sleek ponytail on natural hair with no heat

Firstly, add some leave-in conditioner and apply some eco styler gel liberally. If your hair is easy to manage you can stop here but if your hair is stubborn and never get straight, use ultra-glued styling gel which is a maximum strength gel to get a sticky formation, then napkin off the excess product. And then take two really good rubber bands without any metal on them to make sure they’re […]

How to Tell If Your Hair is Real Human Virgin Hair?

When u wash ur hair everyday,if there is black dye coming out,then ur hair do not use the real virgin hair material,even if some companies say that they sell the virgin hair,but in fact it is not the real virgin hair.U can see that there are many many brands online say their hair is virgin […]

Take Care of Your Hair Under the Weave

While the hair weave cost a lot of attention from you, don’t forget your hair also need protect at the same time, you can’t ignore your own hair while wearing weave. it will ensure that your new growth is healthy and lush after the weave is removed. So when wearing extensions, please also remember to take care for your own hair. Here […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Virgin Hair While You Sleep

We always try to find the healthier virgin human hair ,but we all know that our hair will be easy to be damaged while sleeping. Here are some tips that may help you protect your hair when you sleep. Brush your virgin human hair before go to bed which will avoid the knots and tangle […]


Maybe you would meet such issues on hair tangling, shedding if you always wear hair extensions & weaves, now let me show you how to maintain your hair. Certainly, first of all, take good care of your hair just like to treat your own hair. When Installing Do not put a needle through the wefts […]

Do you want your curly hair be perfect in the morning?

Curly hair may not the most popular hair texture just as the straight hair or the body wave.some curly hair made of the synthetic hair and virgin hair,but the real curly hair are thick,soft ,silky ,minimal shedding and tangle free.sometimes the curly hair will have more shedding than the straight hair,because it is not so easy […]


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