Maybe you would meet such issues on hair tangling, shedding if you always wear hair extensions & weaves, now let me show you how to maintain your hair.

Certainly, first of all, take good care of your hair just like to treat your own hair.

When Installing

  1. Do not put a needle through the wefts or pierce the wefts. If installing a sew-in weave, sew in the wefts by looping and tying the weave thread under and over the weft in a blanket stitch method.
  2. Do not split the wefts
  3. Avoid cutting the wefts. If you have to cut the wefts, seal each cut weft end with weft glue. We recommend that you use Bond a Weave – Liquid Gold weft glue.

Daily Hair Maintenance

  1. Detangle your hair, this is very important when washing your hair. Using a wide tooth or a detangling brush, gently comb out your hair extensions. Always comb or brush hair from the bottom up, small sections at a time. The more careful you treat your extensions the longer they will last.
  2. Shampoo/Condition

Shampoo your hair at least once a week. Clean your hair extensions with a moisturizing shampoo Wash your hair in a downward motion, working shampoo from the top down in one motion. Condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner.

  1. Deep Condition

To keep you hair in tip- top shape, use a deep conditioner or argan oil to do deep condition with your hair twice a month. This is very important if you have chemically treated the hair or use irons.

  1. Styling

Tinashe can be styled as you would your own hair. You can blow dry, curl , straighten, dye and style it as you would your own hair, just take good care of your hair. Always keep your extension tangle free, brush your hair as gently as you can.

When heating your hair, pls do not use high temperatures which can damage the hair, including permanently altering the hair texture. Use styling products that are alcohol free.

  1. Sleeping

Put your hair “up” at night. braid your hair before sleep. This is important in preventing tangles. Never sleep with loose wet hair, for it may tangle while you sleep.

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