How to wrap your wig and Keep it straight overnight

We’ve been asked lots of times by our customers of should they take the wigs off or how to wrap the hair properly when they are sleeping. So today we are going to show you how I prep my hair from when I’m ready to go to bad, and how I keep my hair nice and straight for the next morning by simply wrapping my hair.

The benefit of wrapping your hair before you go to bed is that you don’t have to worry about doing your hair if you have to get up early in the morning, when you get up in the morning, you don’t get to do nothing except for do your makeup and walk out the door. So, there’s a lot of benefits of wrapping your hair. That’s what I like to do.

So now we are going to show you how I wrap my hair. Actually, there is no way for me to explain it, just wrap your hair around your head. First, I’ll make a far side part. And in the meantime. Please make sure your hair is completely combed through, make sure you have no knots. You can use a weave brush which might make it like 10 times easier. And then you can be holding your hair and wrapping it. You can put hair pins. If you put hair pins, you might get the hair pin line in your hair.  And that’s kind of annoying to me because I have to flat iron it again. Make sure you are really going in and combing, brushing your hair repeatedly. I also have glue a little front and smooth them out, because it will prevent you from having any kind of lines or marks in your hair. Remember the point is to wrap your hair so you don’t have to do nothing to your hair in the morning, all you have to do is take off your head side and you are good to go. My hair is too silky and it cannot be staying wrapped. So, I have to get my mom help me to tie the hair. If you need to, you can also have somebody help you as well. After that I’m good to go my bed. I’m sleep crazy but my hair wrapped very tight so that’s not a problem.

In the morning of the second day. I just unwrap my hair and untie it. My hair still looks nice and straight, and it looks amazing. I’m more of a middle part. It’s very important when you brush your hair out because I didn’t make sure my hair is super neat. I didn’t have to go back and blow out the hair. There might be a little crimped part by the end on the left side, other than that, my hair is still super straight, it has a lot of body and a lot of movement. So, after that I’m just add a little bit of blow-drying, I did go head and add my baby hair and that’s all. So, in all I might takes 3 minutes to fix my hair to a perfect condition, other than that, I think it looks really good, you can do this every night before bed and your hair will looks really amazing, your wig will look always full, especially when you do not have time to spend a lot of time on the hair.

So that’s all we shared today. Any questions concern or requests please leave your comment on below. See you soon!

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