How To Choose A Bob Wig For Summer?

Summer is approaching, do you want to change a hairstyle to suit this summer? Wavy or curly hair extensions seem too thick. If you are thinking about going with a bob, you have many cool, sexy and classy fabulous looks to choose from, it looks thin and more comfortable.

So do you know how to choose a perfect bob wig?

  1. Suit your face shape

You might consider your face shape before ordering a bob to avoid a wired look. Women with round face often believe that they have to wear long hair in order to elongate their face. However, a well-shaped bob  can also give you a youthful look, please avoid cutting your bob shorter than your chin to shape your face.

If you have an oval face, I believe you can wear almost all the bob wigs in different types and lengths. Bob wig has its own edges and the haircut makes you look bold and independent. Not like long wavy hair, it gives you a sense of romance and sweet. Just step out your comfortable zone and make a change for this summer.

  • Measure the circumference of your head

This is a key point that you should pay attention to, you will need to know the size of your head. As we all know every wig has its size, just make it clear before purchasing to avoid unfitting your own head.

  • Wear a bob wig

Usually, human hair wigs have a good quality and it will not irritate your scalp. I recommend to try bob wig which is popular in this summer and it is also breathable and comfortable. When you get a bob wig, apply the wig starting from the back of your head and bring the wig forward towards your hairline. Secure with the combs that are included. many bob wigs come with an adjustable band, you can adjust the size to fit your head. Sometimes you can also apply got2b glue to lay down your edges of your wig and look more natural.

  • Tinashe human hair bob wigs

When you have some knowledge of bob wigs, fee free to choose in Tinashe Hair. We have straight bob wig, curly bob wig and 613 bob wig. All of them are unprocessed virgin human hair, it is very soft and tangle. For 613 bob wig, it is 13×6 lace which makes your wig more breathable and comfortable. Most importantly, you can achieve different color easily and become a beautiful scenery.

tinashe hair 613 bob wig customer show

Visit us at and wear your perfect bob wig with our premium quality human hair bob wigs to slay in this summer.  


  1. Susan Stone

    I am looking for a bob wigs with a bangs

    1. Tinashehair

      Dear, we dont have bob wigs with bangs, and you can buy ans style bangs you like, bangs is very cheap, and easy to use

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