Body wave is the most popular texture in human hair wigs. Many black women want to have a long hair with big wave curls, so human hair body wave lace wig become the first choice. Body wave texture has a loose, wavy curls as large “S” shape, with a natural gloss, looks fluffy and fashion. Body wave looks very natural, creating soft and natural waves. And maintenance costs of body wave are not very high. Body wavy hair has a natural wavy feel, so many people want to use styling products to achieve different wavy feel. Body wave is easy to be restyle. Body wave hair can be straightened. You can also curl it with different curling tool to get different curls. The wavy body wave hair moves in the wind, let you looks more stunning and attractive.


But a few customers often complain that their body wave hair couldn’t keep wavy or curly after washing. In fact, it depends on how you care of your body wave wig. Now Tinashe Hair will teach you how to keep your body wave wavy or curly.

  1. Don’t worry about becoming straight or looser after washing. First, dry your body wave wig with a clean towel instead of a hair dryer. Don’t blow dry your hair completely, it’s easy to damage the hair. Then let it air dry until no water drips, but it’s not completely dry, put some hair care oil on your hands and cover it into your hair evenly.
  2. Once put oil on your body wave wig, run your fingers through your hair gently from top to bottom. You don’t need too much hair oil; you just need to be more natural at the top of the wig. The waves need to be kept better and better from top to the end. Then the body wave waves and curls will become more beautiful and curlier.
  3. The next step is to fix the body wave pattern. You can put some curly defining cream or mousse on the hair because it is very useful for hair restyling. Put the mousse evenly on your body wave hair. There is no need too much mousse on the hair because it is easy to attract dust. You can also spray the hair with water and curly defining cream mixed.
  4. Let your body wave hair air dry completely. Please do not use a wind to blow the hair, you’d better to use a hair blow with a wavy or curly dryer. This way can maintain the wavy and curly very well.
  5. Don’t forget to deep conditioner the body wave wigs every two weeks. This process is to give your hair nutrition and moisture to avoid dry. This way can let your hair in good state and avoid tangling and shedding.For body wave hair color, we have 1b/30 ombre color, red color, 613 blonde color, etc. For body wave wig, we have many types, such as body wave full lace wig, body wave short bob wig, body wave 13×6 lace front wig, body wave 360 lace frontal wig, etc.
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