How to Dye A Human Hair Wig At Home?

Have you ever wanted to try a general-purpose hair dye, but didn’t want to damage your hair? If you want to save money on spending the wig, Dyeing the wigs at home is your best choice. The advantage of self-coloring hair is that it is not only quick and seemingly painless, but also has a variety of colors. It is very important to choose a good human hair wig. It will better bring you a new look. Dyeing the wig color is very easy, but you should pay attention to when dyeing your own hair, here are some tips to help you. Read on to learn more about how to dye wigs.

1. What kind of hair is most suitable for dyeing? Why?

Virgin human hair wigs are the best wigs for dyeing. The reason for this is that the original hair is very porous and will absorb color better than other types of hair.

2. What is the difference between professional wigs and household wigs?

Wig dyeing professionals and home colorists often use different skill. Professionals stylist uses the art of coloring and use the “color system.” Colorists at home often use “boxed dyes.” The two systems have different results and effect.

  • What coloring tips should you know before dyeing your wig?

Read the dyeing instructions carefully Before you dye the wig.Stay true to the original hair color, When choosing a new hair color, regardless of whether the hair color is natural or changed, you must be true to the original color and choose according to the original hair color.

For the curly human hair wig, it must be more careful, Because the curly human hair wigs enroll hair dye more easily than straight human hair wigs, and it is more likely to be damaged. Therefore, when dyeing wigs, remember to reduce the coloring ingredients. Then use distilled water instead of the dye components and mix them as usual.

Make adequate reserves before dyeing your hair Usually it is enough to make a medium long hair wig by using one hair dye, If your wig is particularly long and thick, please prepare enough reserves before dyeing a long length human wig, otherwise you will be embarrassed and unable to get half of the fuel.

4. What basic wig coloring tools will you need?

You need to prepare the plastic cloak, gloves, mixing bowl, spatula, wide tooth comb, brush, color brush, aluminum foil, clean surface and coloring product of your choice.

  • What are the dyeing steps you should follow?

Step 1: Wash your human hair wig

If you have used the wig, it needs to be washed a few days before coloring to remove any styling products. Do not apply too much force when shampooing, and do not use conditioner on the wig before coloring. Let it dry completely before applying color.

Step 2: Protect the wig

Use T-pins to fix the clean, dry wig on the model head. Comb through the wig to remove tangles.Then put your wig to place it flat on a firm surface. Lay it flat to distribute the colorant and product evenly.

Step 3: Put on gloves and mix hair dye

Remember to wear disposable gloves to reduce direct contact between the dye and your skin. Mix hair color in a bowl depending on package instructions.

Step 4: Apply color to the wig

Use hair crayons to apply colors to human wigs. Make sure all hair is completely covered. Keep the color away from the roots of the wig and the knots of the wig cap. Then Wait 10 minutes to set the color, remember that the hair dye stays in the hair for no more than 1 hour.

Step 6: Wash water after dyeing

Remove the wig from the model head and rinse it with warm water until the water runs out. Apply the colored post-conditioner and keep it for the length of time specified on the package instructions.

Step 7: Let the wig dry completely

Put the human hair wig on the towel, soak up the excess water, and change the wet towel if necessary. Pin the wig to the head of the wig and comb gently. Let the wig dry sufficiently.

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