The guide for first-time wig purchasers: How to pick and wear your first wig

Choosing the perfect wig may make a big difference in how you feel and how you appear.

Are you making your first wig purchase?

It could appear a bit intimidating.

However, did you know?

You’re not alone—millions of people wear wigs every day.

It’s conceivable that you are unaware that even your coworkers and neighbors wear wigs!

This is due to the fact that modern wigs appear more gorgeous and natural than before.

In actuality, the biggest stars of today use wigs not just on the red carpet and in films, but also in regular life.

highlight human hair wig body wave

Even if it isn’t your first wig, you could pick up some fresh advice that will help you choose your future wig.

Here are some criteria to consider while choosing the ideal wig to make you seem more beautiful:





Cap size.

Let’s start now!

What kind of wig should I get?

We comprehend.

You may pick from hundreds, if not thousands, of various wig styles.

Additionally, if you’re going to be wearing a wig for the first time, you could feel a bit reserved about the entire thing. However, don’t worry—you shouldn’t be afraid!

The style you want is now available with wigs, which have substantially improved over time and now blend in with your scalp and facial features.

Consider choosing a wig that more closely resembles your present or past hairdo for your first wig.

The continuing care and style of your hair will be simpler if you stick to what you are accustomed to.

You may always consider taking your wig to a shop that specializes in wig maintenance or fixing it yourself at a later date because many wigs can be fashioned to appear different.

curly wig bob wig


There are three major lengths available:

Short hair wigs.

Mid-length wigs.

Long hair wigs.

Short wigs are undoubtedly preferable in humid climates or if you feel like your body is constantly warm. You may feel warmer during the day if the wig is longer than you are (just like if real hair is longer). Additionally, short wigs can cost less and are quicker to style, dry, and maintain.

However, the decision is yours; don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from getting the style you want.


You have a few options for your chosen texture after you know your desired length:

Straight: Level and straight.

Curly: Heat-friendly and springs back like a slinky.

Wavy: A wave is fluid and springy yet not curved.

highlight straight human hair wig

Your face is what shape?

Not your own choice should be the deciding factor when choosing your wig style.

As an alternative, carefully examine which wig style complements your facial shape.

Even if you can have a preference for a particular wig type, it’s crucial to consider which wig would best accentuate your face and head form.

This will enable you to select the wig’s texture, length, and general style.

Deciding on the ideal wig hair color.

Although there is no shortage of wig color options, it can be challenging to find one that perfectly matches your skin tone or natural hair color.

If this is your first wig, you might want to think about sticking with a hue that is more similar to your own. Later, you may always experiment with new hues.

It’s crucial to consider your natural skin tone while choosing the color of your wig.

Look for wig colors that will complement your skin tone the best; this may not always be your preferred wig color.

Brand differences in wigs.

The most dangerous element of purchasing a new wig is choosing the color, so take your time and carefully match it to what you want.

Moving between wig companies might be a little challenging because each brand’s color labeling method is probably a little different.

The most crucial thing is to keep in mind the precise color name for your preferred designs so you can obtain an identical replacement when your old wig eventually starts to degrade.

What size cap do I require?

Because it is directly tied to your comfort, the size of the wig might make an even larger impact than the actual style.

It will not fit on your head if it is too tiny.

If it’s too large, it may be evident that you’re wearing a wig.

95 percent of wig wearers are considered average size. However, wigs in tiny and big sizes are widely available.

Should I acquire a wig made of synthetic or human hair?

A human hair wig is a good option if you want something that is natural, sturdy, and adaptable in terms of style.

But if money is tight and you want a low-maintenance option, go with a synthetic hair wig.

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