How to choose fashion wig in 2023

Do you want to try new wig in 2023 tax refund season? If so, you can now consider choosing a wig that you like or suit you. Wigs can quickly achieve a hair appearance, hide hair loss or create a fashionable appearance. The price of wigs has become a favorite of many women, especially black women. The pursuit of beauty and beauty is everyone’s wish. For women, beautiful hair is undoubtedly very important. If you don’t know how to choose a wig in 2023 tax refund season, this blog will help you.

Human hair vs Synthetic hair

Human hair is a high-quality grade 10A hair material that is better than synthetic hair, easier to maintain and lasts longer. Wigs made from human hair are more expensive, but the extra cost is well worth it. Human hair wigs can last for at least 2 years if properly maintained. The synthetic hair wigs, even if well maintained, can’t last for just a few months and are prone to snagging and drying.

DifferencesHuman Hair WigsSynthetic Hair Wigs
Do stylesGreatTerrible
Wig priceHigherLower
Wig problemsLessMore
Wig maintenanceEasyHard
Natural lookGoodBad
Wig lifespanLongShort
Air permeabilityGoodBad
Heat resistanceGoodBad

HD lace vs Transparent lace vs Normal Swiss lace

Lace wig is the most common style of wig, and the installation method is usually glue-mounted. You can get a natural hairline and create a natural appearance with the help of lace. Lace of different materials can create natural lace wigs of different degrees. HD lace can give you the most transparent and natural wig appearance, transparent lace can give you a more transparent appearance, and normal lace is worse. Normal lace can satisfy most women’s pursuit of natural appearance. In terms of price, normal lace is cheaper and the most economical, and HD lace is the most expensive. For detailed comparative information, please see the rating table below.

 Best to Good=3 to 1Normal laceTransparent laceHD lace

Other factors you should take notice when your buy a wig

  1. Wig length

You can consider the length of the wig to choose the appropriate wig of your own. The length of the wig is usually divided into short hair, medium hair and long hair. Short hair is usually 8 inches to 16 inches from cheek to shoulder. Medium hair is usually 18 inches to 24 inches and long hair is usually 26 inches or more.

  • Wig style

You should pay attention to choose the suitable wig hairstyle, different hairstyles can give you different temperament and appearance, straight hair makes you more elegant, curly hair makes you wilder, wave hair makes you gentle and sexy. And you need to pay attention to the relationship between the length of the wig and the hair style of the wig. With the same length of wig, straight hair will look longer than curly hair. The length measurement of a curly hair style requires a straightening measurement.

  • Wig density

You should choose the appropriate density of the wig, the greater the density of the wig, the plumper hair. And your wig density should match your wig length, the longer the wig length, you have to choose the corresponding higher wig density, otherwise the hair will appear sparse.

  • Wig color

You can choose your favorite hair color according to your own preferences or your own clothes. You can also buy a human hair wig from natural black first, and then dye it yourself, but your dyeing is best done under the guidance of professionals.

  • Installing way

If you don’t like the installation method of glue, you can also choose non-adhesive wigs, including non-adhesive and lace wigs and non-adhesive and lace wigs. Glue-free wig allows you to install your wig firmly without glue. This method avoids the damage of glue to your hairline. For those women who are allergic to glue, glue-free wigs are their best choice.

  • Lace area

You can consider the area of lace before buying a lace wig. The larger the area of lace, the more diverse hair styles you can create. For example, for 360 lace and all lace wigs, you can create a ponytail and a high bun hairstyle.

  • Wig size

You should measure your head circumference before buying a wig, and then choose a suitable wig size. There are three sizes of wig hats, small hair hats, even hair hats and big hair hats. A proper hair cap will make you wear it more conveniently, make your appearance more natural and protect your natural hair better.

  • Special wig type

In the wig market, you can choose some special wigs, such as headband wigs, U-part wigs and wigs with bangs.

  • Headband wigs: You can fix and decorate your hair with a headband, giving you a unique and fashionable appearance.
  • U-part wigs: You can put your natural hair through the U-part and mix it with wig hair, which can create a more natural hair appearance.
  • Wigs with bangs: You can use hair bangs to cover up your facial defects or highlight your facial features.
  • These three kinds of wigs are all non-adhesive and lace wigs, which are inexpensive and easy to wear, and are very suitable for novices and busy women.

Popular human hair wigs for tax refund season in Tinashe Hair

  1. Glueless Body Wave / Straight Lace Wig Put It On & Go Human Hair Wigs

Glueless Body Wave / Straight Lace Wig Put It On & Go Human Hair Wig | Tinashehair

Buy Now Get One Free Random Wig 8-16 inch

Wig type: Glueless undetectable Swiss lace wigs

Lace area:5×5/13×4/13×6

Hair style: Straight hair /body wave hair

Hair color: Natural black color

Hair length:16inch~30inch

Hair density:180%

Glueless Body Wave / Straight Lace Wig Put It On & Go Human Hair Wigs
  • Straight Human Hair 13×4 HD Lace Front Short Bob Wigs

Straight Human Hair Lace Front Short Bob Wigs | Tinashehair

Wig type: Glue-mounted HD lace front wigs

Lace area:13×4

Hair style: straight hair

Hair color: Natural black color

Hair length:10inch, 12inch, 14inch

Hair density:150%

Straight Human Hair Lace Front Short Bob Wigs | Tinashehair
  • Highlight P4/27 HD Lace Front Wig Glueless Bob Wigs

Highlight P4/27 HD Lace Front Wig Glueless Bob Wigs | Tinashehair

Wig type: Glueless colored HD lace front wigs

Lace area:13×4

Hair style: straight hair

Hair color: Honey Blonde Highlight 4/27

Hair length:10inch, 12inch, 14inch

Hair density:150%

Highlight P4/27 HD Lace Front Wig Glueless Bob W

How to wear a glueless wig?

You can check the video below to wear your glueless wigs.

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