4 Questions You Need To Ask To Your Hairstylist Before Getting A Weave

Do not be afraid to ask questions to your hair stylist at salon, it may help you avoid any hair issues you could have after your installed your weave.

Today i want to share some questions you may ask before you get the sew in. t’s great to have the conversation with your hairdresser. So you’re able to manage your expectations, and know what you’re getting yourself into beofre you get the weave. The first thing that I would like to ask is, how do I prepare my hair for the weave?  Another thing is, how long can I keep my weave in for? I think a lot of times at my salon, we’ll have people come in and they’ll get a weave, and they always like, I thought I could keep this in for six months. In fact. More weave can not get last that long. But you may find some quality hair weave, It can last for a long time with good care.  You’ve got to know what you are getting in to before you go in. One thing that’s really important for me, that’s your third question which is How to protect your edges and your natural hair underneath the weave? It’s kind of like, what to do to prevent any breakage and also how your hair gonna grow from it, how can you get the best benefits. For a lot of people, They wear a lot of wigs and weaves just to really help their hair grow. so protect the style, and get it to grow, And then the last thing I would ask is,  what should I never do before I come in to get a weave? Because you would be surprised, some people like to dye their hair. But do not dye it frequetly. One dye could caused a lot of damage to your hair and it need a long time and maintain to recovering. So protect your weave like your own hair. That would make your weave last longger!

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