Hey guys if you wanna see how I slayed this lace frontal wig so that it looks super natural, you guys have to stay tuned.

So the hair I’m wearing is from Tinashe Hair company, they were nice enough to send me goodies like flexi rods, beauty blenders and eyelashes. The hair they sent to me was
curly hair, I got 24 22 20 and 18 inch frontal, I did en up bleaching the frontal, the hairline in the frontal is realistic, I honestly plucked a little more bit, because I really want it to be natural but overall, like this is my first wig. Yeah I’m so proud of myself.

So this is my wig, I pretty much sewed the wig to the elastic band. So what I’m going to do is after having my hair into a ponytail, I’m just left the ponytail out and I’m gonna to redo my bands so it’s a flat, I never braid my hair underneath, because it takes so much too long, so I do like this and I promise u don’t see through the wig and you’re gonna see later on. Ok so now we are just gonna take wig cap and I’m going to put it all the front because I do have my baby hair laid so I’m going to take my tooth-brush I’m gonna to stick them all back back back because I don’t want them come out of the wig. Once I stick them all back, I’m gonna take eco-styler gel and make sure they are nowhere and it is nice and solid.

Ok so now we are gonna to take this lovely wig and we are gonna to put it on from the back forward, put it on first, you are gonna look crazy a phrase but that’s why u style it and everything will work out. So right now I’m pretty much and just deciding which way looks better, the middle, or part of side but to be honest I’m to be a side part girl. And now all I’m doing is spray water that only has water in it just spray the hair and comb it out.

When I first did the wig, I did put like a cream in the hair so it would like curl in the final curls but since I put in my hair all I need to do refreshing it is put water in it, you don’t need to put so much products in your hair because it makes your hair really thick and knotted up and just be a waste. So I just put water in and when it dries, you really don’t need to do so much with this hair that’s what I love about. It does shed a little bit but it’s curly hair and I do not comb the hair a lot so this hair gave me my life!!!

when it comes to curly hair, it’s like tricky because I have bad experience but so far with this hair, I’ve had it so far like a week and a half and it hasn’t given me any problems of tangles or none of that. Since this is my first time making a wig, a frontal wig with curly hair, I don’t usually wear wigs but this is the firs time, I’m so scared of plucking but to be honest it’s not really hard making a wig, I think I did a phenomenal job and I did great. So if you are new and trying to do this, you got this.

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