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What is Brazilian Hair

What is Brazilian hair

Most often buy hair bundles beautiful girl, certainly know than virgin human hair bundles have some styles such as Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Cambodian hair, Mongolian hair etc. So much styles hair bundles, which style is better, which should I choose, let me tell you one by one. And today, here […]

7 Celebrity Recommend Popular Back To School Hairstyle 1

7 Celebrity Recommend Popular Back To School Hairstyle

Back to school Season is coming soon. To make you shine on your first week back to school, We have choose 7 the most popular and affordable hairstyle with weave, also we will supply Tinashe hair coupon code for you. So you don’t want to miss out. Summer vacation is nearly end, back to school […]

Here Is a Method That is Helping Half Up-Half Down Sew-In Hair Weave

Today I’m gone share with you guys how I got this super cute half-up half-down style that was inspired by some Youtubers and I’ve just seen it a lot lately and it is so cute so I wanted to try it on myself. To start off I split my hair in half and then I braided the […]

Easily transform blonde tinashe hair to grey

How Easily You Can Transform Blonde Tinashe Hair to Grey

Today see me how to transform my Tinashe 613 blonde straight hair into ocean blue & grey sew in with frontal. A way you can change black girl weaves color easily Firstly, I made a wig using my 613 best hair bundles straight Brazilian weave and straight hair frontal into a really pretty human hair […]

How to Braid Straight Human Hair into Afro Hair Style

With a huge of at-home DIY treatments available, changing the style of our hair weave is as easy in our beauty routine as painting our nails. We today start a tutorial about how to perm straight hair weave bundles installed into afro hair style with braiding way to light up your summer. Here we come. […]

How to use Tinashe hair coupon code

When you want buy Tinashe hair, do you want have more deals? You can use Tinashe hair coupon code to get more discount, and where can get this coupon code, please check our homepage banner, you will get Tinashe hair coupon code latest.   Detail how to use Tinashe hair coupon code, please check the […]

How to wrap your wig and Keep it straight overnight

A lot of people have been asked us of how to take care your wig while sleep at night, so the hair will not be a mess an frizzy the next day. So here is my advice on how to take care of your wig or hair and keep it straight overnight.

How to choose the best wigs for you

If you haven’t buy any wigs before, or you don’t know how to narrow down your hair style and pick your wigs that will work for you the best way, We are here to help! Choosing your wig require appreciation for details and understanding, this article will show you how to choose the hair which […]


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