How To Apply Glueless Lace Front Wig

Full lace wigs or lace front wigs are top options for some African-American women when chasing different hairstyles nowadays. More and more women choose lace wigs to achieve their perfect looking. When it comes to wigs, the first thing we need to consider is how to make it look more natural when we wear it. Now it has become a trend to wear your lace front wig without so that it looks more natural and comfortable.

Most people night use wig glue to secure your wig on your head. But do you know the disadvantage? Using strong wig glue will cause a lot of problems. Some of them cannot be reversed, or it will block the pores in your scalp which can lead to damaging your hair follicles. This can prevent hair from growing along your hairline and even thinning out the hair that’s already there. Now there is a safer alternative to lay down your wig, that is apply your wig without any wig glue.

Prepare your lace front wig

When you purchase lace wigs, pls choose the one which has combs and adjustable straps inside, usually one located at the top of the head, another above each ear, and one in the back toward the nape of your neck to secure your wig stably. Then for your natural hair, if it is long hair, you need to braid it and comb it into cornrows. For short hair, a wig cap is needed. Be sure the lace color matches your skins well. Please don’t forget to moisturize hair underneath wig cap to prevent dryness or breakage. Once your natural hair is flat, it’s time to apply your wig.

Apply your lace front wig without glue

To place your wig on your head. Be careful to cut the excessive lace to the hairline of the wig and pluck it if necessary. Please fix your wig with the inside combs and adjustable straps. If you want some baby hair left, just cut it a little and use some styling mouse to lay your baby hair down. So just use mouse instead. Usually many people use got2b glue to lay your baby hair, but please remember it is not glue. Then use a wig grip around your head to make sure your baby hair melt nice.

If you think it is not fixed stably, just apply an elastic band. You can go to your beauty supply store to get one. The band is then sewn horizontally across the back of the wig in the nape area. This method helps your wig lay flat and secure your wig.

Thus the glueless wig installation has been finished.

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