Why Do Human Hair Wigs Tangle?

When you invest a human hair wig, you will not be more than happier to show off your gorgeous look and get lots of compliments after perfect installation. After one day or even several hours later, you might be experiencing hair tangling at your nape, which is annoying so much. So Why do human hair wigs tangle?

As we all know, our scalps can produce natural oil to prevent our own hair tangling or dry. That’s explain why human hair wigs are knotted while your own hair is not. Another reason is that wigs are made of real human hair, which have some cuticles. Activity with the cuticles, humidity, and body heat can cause slight knotting. So many of our customers ask for human hair which cuticles aligned into one direction to avoid tangling.

Besides, hair texture is also a factor which cause wig tangling. Straight hair is far less possible to be tangled while curly hair is much easier tangling because of the tight and tiny curls. If your hair is super thick and long so it can be prone to tangling. Also dryness is a nonnegligible factor. If your hair is dry, it is nappy and tangle easily.

How To Prevent Human Hair Wigs From Tangling & Matting?

Brush Your Hair

Brushing your wig is never wrong. However, pls use the correct way to brush your wig. Usually we suggest to use wide-comb or paddle brush to comb it gently from end then upwards. This will help your hair strands from being split and prevent from tangling or shedding. Kindly reminding, you’d better brush your Brazilian hair while dry. If your wig is in wet, you can ran your fingers through your hair or use wide-tooth comb to brush it from bottom to up.

Wash Your Wig

If you are available, washing your lace wig and do a hair care routine will make your wig tangle free. Rinse your wig into warm water and add in a squeeze of wig shampoo. Rubbing a little shampoo to your hair with your fingers gently, rinse it and apply some good quality conditioner for a while, you will notice the knots are looser. Washing your wig is not only good to make your wig tangle free but also can help bring it back to life.

Sulfate-Free Hair Products

Using hair products that contain sulfates can strip the extensions which cause them to become weaker as the product sits. Always use a good conditioner and shampoo combo when washing hair. Also, use products that apply moisture and provide hydration to your hair extensions as dry hair can lead to tangles and eventually matting. Using the right hair products can keep your wigs soft and manageable.

Tie Your Wig Up At Night

If you wear a wig while sleeping and let it alone, it’ll be damaged by too much friction. Friction can deteriorate the fibers and cause a loss of hair over time. It also leads to tangles, frizz, and dryness, all of which are a pain. To protect your wig from friction, lay the hair flat against your head and pin or tie it into place. Then, wrap your head in a silk or satin scarf. This will keep your unit in place while also protecting it from friction.

Do you have any other tips on how to prevent wigs from tangling? Comment down below, we’d love to hear from you.

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