How To Color Hair in 2 Minutes With Watercolor Method

Are you a fan of coloring your hair extensions or wigs? We need to try different color more often in some occasion. Dying it with your stylist’s help is certainly a good choice, they are always professional on it. However, if you are not hurry or don’t need a very professional color, how about doing it yourself at home? It will save come coins for you and will also give you a sense of achievement once you get the right color.

Now let me introduce a new hair color method – watercolor. Just as the name implies, you need to color your hair in water, and blonde hair is the best choice, since it is easier to dye then natural color hair. For this method, the extensions are soaked in a bucket of hot water mixed with hair coloring. The hair quickly takes on the desired hair coloring after soaking. This is a quick and efficient way to color the hair to a bright color without painting each strand with hair coloring.

Let’s start our dyeing process with Tinashe blonde straight hair with frontal. We are gonna get a purple color from original color.

First of all, we need to choose hair dye. The hair dye I choose this time is Arctic Fox purple rain, like you can see in the video, you can also get it from your local beauty supply store. To create this look, we are gonna use hot water. So you can boil water and kind of put it into a container to let is cool until it is a little bit hot to touch but you can still put your hand in. So, the hotter of the water, the easiest it is to mix in with the dye. Make sure your dye it mixed completely into water.

Then, test the dye with a little piece. Go ahead and submerge it into the mixture just to see what it’ll come up with. If the achieved is what you want, continue the whole bundle into the mixture. Make sure your bundle is diving into the mixture thoroughly. You can see every time you take it out, the mixture into the bowel is going to be a lot lighter. Just make sure it is properly mixed. Then put the second bundle to mix both and repeat the mixing step like the first bundle. Now you can see the first bundle that you put in is gonna take well versus the second bundle.

So you need to add more hair dye into the water to get the dark purple look. Put your second bundle to be submerged into the water and mix it completely until it is the color you want. Then the third one just like the previous two bundles. Usually control the time from 3-5 minutes and check the color. Here you can see the color of hair turns out great. Be sure to use 613 hair and make sure every strand of hair is saturated.

Now with the frontal, you don’t need to put anything to protect your knots because it is going to dye now. A lot of people question if the knots could be bleached before coloring, I wouldn’t recommend you dye the knots because you know it’s gonna the lace knots are back to purple.  Submerge the frontal into the mixture and mix it with the dye thoroughly to the desired color. Then squeeze the excess water and rinse all of your hair into cool water and conditioner to wash it and be sure it is clean.

Now it has been finished for this watercolor method. Just install and style it as you desire.

If there is something that you are not clear, check the video down below to learn more skills.


  1. Hi,

    Love your hair!

    Is it possible to use the box colors from the beauty supply store for this?


    1. tinashehair

      Hi friend, so glad that you love our hair. do you want to customize hair box?

  2. Can I wash the color later out completely?

    1. tinashehair

      Hi friend, our hair is natural color, it can be bleached and dyed. if you want to dye it, I’m afraid it can not to be washed out later.

  3. JaMareah Howell

    If your bundles aren’t all the same color can you water dye them again to make them even?

    1. Dear friend, our bundles are same color, if you want colored bundles, we have different color bundles, you can have a try, i believe you will like it

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