How To Cut Bangs of Lace Front Wig

There are plenty of human hair wigs in Tinashe Hair. And wigs has become more and more popular and in demand among women. Usually there is no bangs for human hair wigs, we need to let our stylist help us to cut into bangs. This article will show you how to cut bangs of your lace front wig at home. Just read it carefully, you can also do it yourself.

  • Wear Your Wig Perfectly

First, you need to apply your wig and secure it on your head. You can use bold cap method and use some got2b glue to install your wig. Here is the video on how to apply a lace front wig.

  • Section Off The Hair for Bangs

Part your front hair like a triangle from middle to your forehead, then you can just twirled the hair around. After section off some hair for bangs, tie back all of the hair aside from the bangs, then you can roll around the hair and cut it with a sharp scissor in order to get longer on the side and short in the middle.

  • Trim The Ends of Your Bangs

While pinching the hair in between your fingers, hold the scissors in your dominant hand and angle the blade so it is parallel with your hair fibers. Gradually chip away at the bangs.

  • Comb It and Check The Length

After you trim the ends, use your retail comb to connect both parts and see how your bangs look overall. Inspect the overall length and precision of the cut.

  • Flat Iron Your Bangs

Set your flat iron to 200℃ to straighten your bangs, pls make the ends of the bangs incurve when you use flat iron to straighten your human hair. Then style your wig according to your preference to get a get a perfect look.

Video on how to cut your bangs:

It seems very easy to cut into bangs of your human hair wig. Follow the step to get a new look in Thanksgiving Day.

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